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Published:July 1st, 2008 09:28 EST
To Win, Republicans Must Not Run As Republicans

To Win, Republicans Must Not Run As Republicans

By Robert Paul Reyes

Sen. Barack Obama is almost assured of winning the general election simply by virtue of the fact that he`s a Democrat. The Republican brand name has all the cachet of a K-Mart house brand, I`m predicting a landslide win for Obama.

Senator John McCain President George W. Bush is radioactive, every Republican running for office is blamed for the president`s failures: The Iraq war, the mortgage meltdown, the high price of oil, the high price of everything, the pending recession...

What is a poor Republican to do? Running as a member of the GOP is as hopeless as identifying yourself as a communist.

The GOP turned to the NRCC Audit Committee for help and this was their recommendation:

"A new playbook for House Republicans urges them to run essentially as independents, showing empathy for voters, emphasizing local issues and ignoring many traditional party campaign practices.

The advice for House candidates is part of an effort to minimize Republican losses in a year when voters are exasperated by the economy, the Iraq war and President Bush:

`Encourage Republican candidates to establish themselves in a personal manner, emphasizing local issues whenever possible.`"

Quotation from Politico/ Mike Allen

In other words: Don`t run as a Republican.

This strategy isn`t going to work.  You can put a Mustang nameplate on a Ford Pinto, but it`s still gonna look like a Pinto and run like a Pinto.

Bush`s many mistakes, especially his disastrous decision to invade and occupy Iraq, have not only ruined his reputation, but severely damaged his party.

I predict not only an Obama landslide, but that Democrats will pick up seats in both houses of Congress.