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Published:July 10th, 2008 15:27 EST
What are you going to do about the Illegal Aliens? Open Plea to John McCain

What are you going to do about the Illegal Aliens? Open Plea to John McCain

By John Lillpop

Senator John McCain
United States Senate
Washington, D.C.

Dear Senator McCain:

Over the past several months, you have campaigned vigorously for the so-called Hispanic vote. Regrettably, that means that you continue to favor a path to citizenship (amnesty) for millions of illegal aliens.

In meeting with La Raza, going behind closed doors with Hispanic leaders in Chicago, and by visiting Columbia and Mexico, you have apparently joined your Democrat opponent in a bidding war to determine whom can do the most to appease those who have little or no regard for American sovereignty and the rule of law.

With all due respect, your advocacy on behalf of illegal aliens ignores the economic, social, educational, and cultural burdens that would be unfairly dumped on the backs of American citizens, most of whom are also taxpayers.

Furthermore, immigration reform anything like the McCain-Kennedy proposals from last summer would encourage millions now living in Mexico and other points south of our borders to come here illegally, thereby further jeopardizing homeland security and adding more distress to American citizens.

While in Mexico, you spoke about the need to secure US borders before reforming immigration law. On other occasions, you have vowed that your number one priority, if elected, would be immigration reform including a path to citizenship.

Senator, while your position on illegal aliens may endear you to some Hispanics, the simple fact is that it may cost you far more votes from conservatives who must insist on responsible governance in accordance with the rule of law.

Your opponent is widely regarded as a flip-flopping socialist who would be an unmitigated disaster for America, particularly if Democrats expand their majorities in the next Congress.

To be perfectly candid, I know of no conservative who would even consider voting for your Democratic rival. However, given your untenable position on illegal aliens, many conservatives will also be unable to vote for you.

That could mean a default victory for the radical socialist from Illinois.

Is that what you fought and sacrificed for in Vietnam, Senator?

Your unworthy opponent has developed a much-deserved reputation as one who flip-flops on critical issues.

Normally, that would be a negative trait for any politician, but in the case of John McCain and his position on illegal aliens, a flip-flop just might save his career and all of America.

Senator McCain, will you please reconsider your position on illegal aliens?

Why not embrace a plan that immediately secures the borders, deports those here illegally, and requires an orderly and lawful process for all people wishing to join us and partake of the American Dream?

Why not a plan that is fair for all people?

Why not a plan that respects American citizens and honors immigrants who stand in line, wait their turn, and follow the rules?

Why not a plan that will make it possible for conservatives to rally behind the candidacy of John McCain with gusto and hope?

Thank you for your consideration, Senator.


John W. Lillpop