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Published:July 12th, 2008 15:39 EST
President Bush: "Goodbye From The World's Biggest Polluter"

President Bush: "Goodbye From The World's Biggest Polluter"

By Robert Paul Reyes

"George Bush surprised world leaders with a joke about his poor record on the environment as he left the G8 summit in Japan.

The American leader, who has been condemned throughout his presidency for failing to tackle climate change, ended a private meeting with the words: `Goodbye from the world`s biggest polluter.`

George Bush

He then punched the air while grinning widely, as the rest of those present including Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy looked on in shock."

Quotation from Telegraph.Co.UK

This is just another example why America`s prestige has fallen to an all-time low. George Bush should be get on a very short leash, his handlers shouldn`t allow him to leave the White House property.

As the largest industrial nation in the world, we should be setting an example on taking care of the environment. Unfortunately, Bush doesn`t believe in climate change, and his dismal record on the environment proves it. Thank goodness that Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain believe in the reality of global warming, and are committed to dealing with this pressing issue.

Bush could just as well have declared: Goodbye from the world`s biggest warmonger. Bush has us entangled in two wars, and he`s itching to get us involved in a conflict with Iran before he leaves office. Bush`s illegal, immoral, unethical and insane invasion and occupation of Iraq has decimated America`s reputation around the world.

Bush would also have been justified in exclaiming: Goodbye from the world`s most inept leader. Bush`s tenure has been an abysmal failure: We are stuck in a quagmire in Iraq, and on the homefront our economy in shambles.

I would like to say, "Goodbye to the world`s biggest clown", I can`t wait until Obama takes over. Only a statesman like Obama is capable of undoing the damage to our international reputation.