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Published:July 16th, 2008 10:04 EST
Condi Rice warns Iran not to mess with United States

Condi Rice warns Iran not to mess with United States

By Robert Paul Reyes

Recently President George W. Bush expressed regret for his cowboy rhetoric (Wanted Dead or Alive) that alienated our friends and infuriated our adversaries. Bush doesn`t belong to the school of "Walk softly and carry a big stick," he is all bluster and bravado. But with an eye to his legacy and the fortunes of the Republican party, Bush is attempting to soften his image.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice didn`t get the memo that swagger is out and humility is in:

"Rice closed her three-day European trip with words of warning: `We are sending a message to Iran that we will defend American interests and the interests of our allies.`

Rice noted U.S. efforts to increase its own security presence in the Persian Gulf and the defense capabilities of U.S. allies there.

`We take very very strongly our obligations to help our allies defend themselves and no one should be confused about that,` she said."

Quotation from the Associated Press

Rice angrily fired this warning shot at Iran after they tested several long-range missiles capable of reaching Israel. Iran, of course, responded to Rice`s inflammatory rhetoric by firing even more missiles.

When is the Bush administration going to learn that tin-pot dictators thrive on confrontation with the United States? By firing furious words at Iran, Condi is giving Ahmadinejad exactly what he wants: An opportunity to look tough by standing up to the Great Satan.

Iran`s missile test was somewhat less than a glorious success; Rice would have been well advised simply to ignore Ahmadinejad`s publicity stunt.

I can`t wait until the warmongering Bush administration is replaced by the tough but peace-loving Barack Obama. I just pray that Bush won`t get us into a war with Iran before he leaves office.

[See SOPnewswire, Condoleezza Rice warns Iran - Speaking in Georgia`s capital, Tbilisi, U.S. Secretary of State said Iran should not be "confused" about U.S. capabilities. ed.]