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Published:July 17th, 2008 14:30 EST
John McCain And Gay Adoption

John McCain And Gay Adoption

By Robert Paul Reyes

Sen. John McCain, 72, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, is in the dark when it comes to technology. McCain doesn`t know how to go online, he`s never sent an email and he`s doesn`t own a Blackberry.

McCain is not only technologically retarded, he is also culturally behind the times. McCain feels that an easy way to get the base fired up, and score political points is by making a homophobic statement.

The Republicans have a long history of scapegoating gays for political gain, but the American public won`t put up with such nonsense any longer.

"Advocates for gay and lesbian parents are denouncing Sen. John McCain, an adoptive father himself, for opposing adoptions by gays, which prompted his presidential campaign to clarify Tuesday that he does not seek a federal ban on the practice.
Only one state, Florida, outlaws adoptions by gays, which have become commonplace in much of the nation.

The Republican nominee-in-waiting was asked for his views on the subject in an interview published Sunday in The New York Times.

`I think that we`ve proven that both parents are important in the success of a family so, no, I don`t believe in gay adoption` McCain replied.

McCain then remarked that he and his wife, Cindy, were proud to be adoptive parents of a daughter born in Bangladesh, and he encouraged others adopt. Asked if those adopting should be a `traditional couple,` McCain answered, `Yes.`"

Quotation from David Crary/ Associated Press

McCain is correct, a child does best when he has both parents to nurture and love him, but it doesn`t matter if it`s a heterosexual set of parents or a homosexual one. Gays and lesbians have adopted thousands of children, and there is no empirical evidence that these kids fared worse than those adopted by straight parents.

Gays shouldn`t be treated like second-class citizens, they have a right to serve in the military openly and with pride, marry and adopt children.

There are thousands of difficult-to-place children eagerly waiting for adoption, McCain should be encouraging everyone, including gays, to adopt.

When McCain`s statement caused an uproar, McCain backpedaled remarkably fast for a septuagenarian:

"On Tuesday, as criticism of McCain`s comments spread, his campaign elaborated on the candidate`s views.

`John McCain could have been clearer in the interview in stating that his position on gay adoption is that it is a state issue. ... He was not endorsing any federal legislation,` a campaign statement said."

Quotation from the Associated Press

McCain is being disingenuous, in the New York Times interview he was expressing his personal views on the subject. McCain wasn`t discussing whether gay adoption was a state or federal matter.

McCain is simply too old and his views are too much behind the times -- he isn`t culturally qualified to be president.

Obama on the other hand gets it, he favors adoption rights for gays and lesbians.