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Published:July 22nd, 2008 10:30 EST
San Francisco Shields Illegal Aliens, Americans Die

San Francisco Shields Illegal Aliens, Americans Die

By John Lillpop

Illegal immigration

Illegal immigration is a "hot button" issue all across America as elected officials seek to reverse the encroachment of America by millions of foreigners who come here in willful violation of our borders and laws.

More restrictive and punitive statutes are being codified into law at the state and local levels to discourage illegal migration in the first place, and to encourage illegals already here to get the hell out.

That is true except in bastions of liberalism like San Francisco.

The City, as San Franciscans brashly refer to their famous-notorious town, decided years ago that it was to be a sanctuary-haven for illegal aliens. Thus, it became official policy that San Francisco would not cooperate with federal agencies seeking to enforce immigration law.

In an unwise extension of the policy, juveniles who also happened to be convicted felons were not turned over to Uncle Sam for deportation. Instead, bureaucrats spent scores of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money to fly youthful offenders home.

For what purpose? To keep the dossiers of the young criminals free from deportation, which would preclude reentry at a later date.

Just how that incredible waste of money was supposed to benefit taxpayers and citizens is an unsolved mystery, one that is not likely to be solved any time soon.

In addition to wasting money to fly felons home, millions of taxpayer loot was spent to house illegal aliens, rather than turning them over to authorites for assignment to federal facilities.

If that is not outrageous enough, The City recently spent $86,000 to advertise its status as a sanctuary city.

The idea was to invite illegal aliens and their families to come to The City to escape the stress and strain of "living in the shadows," that inhumane condition that upsets sensitive illegals unfortunate enough to live in municipalities that actually enforce the law.

However, recent developments have all but ended much of this liberal madness. No longer are Mayor Gavin Newsom and the other liberals who run San Francisco so eager to bring attention to The City`s warped ideas on immigration.

This is so because San Francisco is being forced to face the consequences of political malpractice, and possible criminal negligence, resulting from murders committed by a man who would have been deported were it not for The City`s sanctuary city policy.

Specifically, on June 22 an illegal alien from El Salvador, named Edwin Ramos, allegedly shot and killed a man and his two sons in their car after an argument at a traffic light.

Ramos, another `good hearted, hard working` invader who came to America only to do work Americans will not do, had been convicted of two violent felonies earlier in his life.

But because San Francisco is a sanctuary city, Ramos was not deported and was thus around to snuff out the lives of Tony Bologna and his two sons during a road rage incident.

Although Mayor Newsom did close the loophole that made the killing spree perpetrated by Ramos possible, the liberal mayor remains brain dead on this issue as proven by this statement:

"I`m proud of our sanctuary city status but it is not to be used in a way that some people are using it. And that`s to put other people in harm`s way, to break the law," Newsom said.

Clearly, the good people of San Francisco have allowed a band of reckless lunatics to take over the Mayor`s office, the Board of Supervisors, and most of the damned city.

Mayor Newsom should be forced to leave office immediately and held criminally responsible for the death of three members of the Bologna family.

To leaders in San Francisco with at least a smidgen of common sense a suggestion:

Forget your bleeding-heart concern for illegal aliens--work instead to make The City a "Sanctuary City" for innocent citizens!