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Published:July 30th, 2008 10:33 EST
Let's Hope John McCain Doesn't Have Skin Cancer Again

Let's Hope John McCain Doesn't Have Skin Cancer Again

By Robert Paul Reyes

When you are 71-years-old your health is always on the minds of your friends and loved ones. When a septuagenarian stubs his toe, his friends hope that he didn`t break it, and his family members pray that the pain gives him a fatal heart attack. Sure they love grandpa, but they love their inheritance even more. I don`t think anyone on Barack Obama`s campaign team is wishing that McCain will stub his toe on his way to a podium to deliver his stump speech.

John McCain`s bouts with melanoma and his six years as a prisoner of war have taken an awful toll on his health. Any health issue concerning McCain automatically makes the headlines, as well it should.

"Presumed Republican presidential nominee John McCain, who has a history of dangerous melanomas, had a spot of skin removed from his face today, his campaign said.

The patch of skin was removed from McCain`s right cheek during a routine checkup in Arizona, the candidate said. In 2000, an invasive melanoma was removed from the senator`s left temple.

McCain denied there were any serious problems when he discussed the procedure at a campaign stop in Bakersfield.

`As I do every three months, I visited my dermatologist this morning and she said I was doing fine,` said the candidate, wearing a baseball cap as he usually does when in the sun to protect his fair complexion.

Quotation from By Michael Muskal and Mark Z. Barabak, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers

John McCain is a true American hero, his skin cancer was probably caused by the long hours that he was forced to bake outdoors in the sun when he was a prisoner of war. Anyone with a fair skin complexion, like John McCain, should avoid long periods of exposure to the sun.

I hope that the test results are good and McCain isn`t facing another bout with skin cancer. But McCain`s health, like his age, is a relevant issue.

As an Obama supporter, I`m not praying that McCain will stub his toe, but I hope that Obama wins and that McCain will spend his last years on the beach in Florida.