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Published:August 9th, 2008 09:28 EST
John McCain Yearns To Be A Celebrity

John McCain Yearns To Be A Celebrity

By Robert Paul Reyes

In a recent political ad the McCain camp juxtaposed Barack Obama with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears in an attempt to portray the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee as a vacuous celebrity.

John McCainThe McCain ad smacks of desperation, silliness, and not to mention jealousy. McCain would have to give his stump speed butt-naked in order to attract Obama-like hordes.

It turns out that the McCain ad also reeks of hypocrisy, McCain loves the cameras more than Obama.

"If Barack Obama gave new meaning to the term `political celebrity,` then John McCain helped define it.

He emerged as the most popular Republican in Hollywood following his 2000 presidential primary defeat, winning more screen time than the rest of Congress combined. McCain made cameos in `Wedding Crashers` and `24,` saw his memoir turned into a popular biopic on A&E, and appeared more than 30 times on late night comedy shows."

Quotation from Politico/Carrie Budoff Brown

With his 99 percent scar-tissue face and his tentative speech, McCain should shun the cameras instead of seeking them out. He can appear on Jay Leno and David Letterman every night, but it won`t give him any cred as a celebrity.

The best that McCain can hope for is to become a 6th-rate celerity like Wilfred Brimley, while Obama has the charisma of a Will Smith or Wesley Snipes.

McCain should stop "playa hating", and play to his strong suit: No nonsense straight talk.