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Published:August 11th, 2008 19:17 EST
Obama Supporters To Learn VP Pick Via Text Message

Obama Supporters To Learn VP Pick Via Text Message

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is close to choosing a running mate, and the first person to find out could be you.

In an e-mail to supporters, Obama`s campaign manager said voters can sign up to receive an e-mail or a text message "the moment" he makes his decision.

`No other campaign has done this before,` campaign manager David Plouffe said in the e-mail. `You can be part of this important moment.`

The e-mail asks supporters to pass the message to friends and family, another way for the campaign to collect information on potential voters and contributors."

Quotation from the Associated Press/Julie Pace

The Obama campaign has utilized the Internet to build a first class fundraising machine, and to keep in contact with their supporters. It`s a natural progression for Obama to announce his Veep selection via text message.

I am a long-time Barack Obama supporter, and I have signed up for this service. I`ve made a bet that Obama is going to pick Sen. Evan Bayh as his running mate -- it`s imperative that I learn his selection as soon as possible.

In the old days we didn`t hear breaking news stories unless we were watching TV, but in this high-tech age there`s no reason why we can`t keep abreast with current events regardless where we are. No news junkie leaves home without his Crackberry and laptop.

Sen. John McCain, not to be outdone, gloated that he will declare his vice-presidential pick via telegram to his supporters. "There is no reason why my base can`t learn who my vice-president will be within a day of the official declaration."