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Published:August 12th, 2008 21:37 EST
Elizabeth Edwards Doesn't Deserve Sympathy

Elizabeth Edwards Doesn't Deserve Sympathy

By Robert Paul Reyes

Elizabeth Edwards has incurable cancer, an awful prognosis that renders victims with a feeling of helplessness and resignation. The treatments for cancer, radiation and chemotherapy, physically and emotionally drain an individual.

It would have been understandable if Elizabeth had decided to live her last few months or years in seclusion, away from the spotlight. But Elizabeth has been a dynamo, making speeches all over the country on behalf of her one great issue: The need for National Health Care

Elizabeth merits praise for the way she has refused to surrender to cancer, but she deserves scorn and ridicule for the way she has handled her husband`s infidelity.

I`ve written a few essays condemning John Edward`s narcissistic, hypocritical and immoral behavior, there`s no need for me to belabor the point. The focus of this editorial is the equally arrogant and hypocritical conduct of Elizabeth Edwards.

The Edwards perpetrated a fraud on the electorate, they presented themselves as a family-oriented loving couple. John Edwards campaigned with his wife and family by his side, he made family values a centerpiece of his campaign.

Elizabeth knew of her husband`s adultery, and yet she still encouraged and supported his decision to run for president. By standing by her man in campaign stops in Iowa and throughout the country, she was complicit in her husband`s dishonest campaign.

The Edwards put their careers ahead of the interests of the Democratic party. When Edwards was contemplating whether to run for president, the rumors of his affair were already out there in the pages of the National Enquirer and the blogosphere. Nevertheless Edwards, with the blessing of his wife, took the huge risk that somehow, someway, the truth wouldn`t come out.

It is sexist and condescending to portray Elizabeth as the poor little wronged woman who is exempt from blame. Elizabeth is a highly intelligent and driven woman, she made the conscious and self-centered decision to deceive her supporters and risk severely damaging the Democratic party.

I know what a horrible disease cancer is, my Mom died from that horrible affliction. But having an incurable disease doesn`t mean that you are immune from criticism when you make a horrible mistake.

John Edwards has been stripped naked, all that`s left is his beloved hair and his pearly-white teeth. Elizabeth has been exposed, all that`s left is her huge ego and her less-than-perfect marriage.

The Edwards should stay in their ostentatious mansion, the American public is sick of them. The Edwards` estate is huge, there`s plenty of room for John`s love child. Heck, there`s room for dozens more love children to frolic, a testament to John`s virility and vanity.