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Published:August 12th, 2008 14:00 EST
Is John McCain Too Old To Be President?

Is John McCain Too Old To Be President?

By Robert Paul Reyes

Sen. John McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee turns 72 this month -- this is a good time to reflect on McCain`s "age issue".

John McCainThe expected life span of Americans continues to increase, and there`s no reason why we can`t continue to live productive lives well into our 70`s and 80`s.

Our democracy might fall apart if senior citizens didn`t man voting booths, younger people don`t have the time or the inclination to help out on election night.

But handing out "I voted" stickers is one thing, being leader of the free world is a horse of a different color.

I would be quite comfortable if John McCain manned an information booth at a hospital, but the prospect of a "wrinkly, white-haired guy" in the Oval Office keeps me awake at night.

I`m not the only one worried about McCain`s advanced age, old-age jokes follow McCain wherever he goes. When he`s on Jay Leno or David Letterman McCain attempts to talk about the issues, but the late night hosts always interject with an "old guy" joke.

The long campaign has taken a toll on McCain, sometimes he looks befuddled, and those are his good days. McCain can`t tell a Shiite from a Sunni or a TelePrompTer from a Karaoke machine.

Time has passed McCain by, somebody who doesn`t know how to log online isn`t qualified to bag groceries, let alone sit in the Oval Office. It was blind and ruthless ambition that motivated McCain to run for president. He had his chance in 2000, he should have let a much younger person be the Republican standard bearer this year.