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Published:August 19th, 2008 10:32 EST
Is John McCain a Democrat Mole?

Is John McCain a Democrat Mole?

By John Lillpop

So, John McCain might pick a running mate that supports abortion rights?

The stunning thing is not McCain`s non-conservative position; rather, it is that some conservatives were actually "alarmed" by his exit, stage left.

Example of conservative reaction: It absolutely floored me, ? said Phil Burress, head of the Ohio-based Citizens for Community Values. It would doom him in Ohio. ?


With all due respect to Burress and other alleged conservatives, what is there to be alarmed or floored about?

John McCain has never been, and never will be, a true conservative.

Remember, this man nearly became a Democrat a few years back, and who can forget the summer of 2007 when he joined forces with Edward Kennedy in a horrific and wicked betrayal of American citizens in favor of illegal aliens?

John McCain holds and proudly boasts of several views that are the antithesis of conservatism on issues like global warming, taxes, and illegal aliens.

To the unwary conservative who intends to vote for McCain simply because of that R next to his name, be aware of the potential for at least four years of devastating alarm and being floored should McCain win.


Suspect that global warming is a leftist farce perpetuated by Al Gore and like-minded liberals to get Americans out of their cars in order to save rare species of cross eyed mosquitoes and flying worms?

Believe that lower taxes, even for the rich and powerful, will benefit the American economy and all Americans, whereas raising taxes will sound the death knell for economic growth for everyone, rich and poor?

Agree that the wages earned by CEOs and business moguls on Wall Street are excessive and must be subject to monitoring and control by the government?

Concerned that granting amnesty to 12-38 million illegal aliens will destroy American language and culture as well as the US economy, education, health care, and reliance on the rule of law?

John McCain is on the wrong side of all of these issues and would deliver doses of alarm and flooring just about every day!

In addition, a vote for John McCain would guarantee the decay of America into a third world existence! By the way, how is your Spanish?

Of course, Barack Obama is 100 times worse than McCain. But why must Americans choose between an unmitigated disaster and a partially mitigated disaster?

Why not vote for Chuck Baldwin, the only real conservative running for the presidency!