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Published:August 27th, 2008 14:13 EST
The Material Girl Compares McCain To Hitler

The Material Girl Compares McCain To Hitler

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Madonna kicked off her Sticky & Sweet Tour in the U.K. Saturday, and stirred up a beehive of controversy by comparing Republican presidential nominee John McCain to Adolf Hitler in a video montage during the show.

During the song `Get Stupid,` Madonna flashed images of McCain alongside photos of Hitler and brutal Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, as well as images of destruction and global warming, according to the British paper The Times"

Madonna`s song is appropriately named, she certainly got stupid with her over the top montage.

Politics 101: Never compare a politician to Hitler, unless he has a penchant for wearing Nazi uniforms.

If a politician compares his opponent to Hitler, it will only bring scorn and ridicule upon himself. I don`t know why people can`t learn that it`s a losing proposition to compare an individual to Hitler. It seems like every few months a politician or celebrity makes a fool out of himself by making the ridiculous comparison of a political adversary.

There is no need for hyperbole in describing the clueless campaign of John McCain. Instead of comparing him to Hitler and Robert Mugabe, Madonna should have compared him to President George W. Bush. That would have been a legitimate and fair comparison, McCain has voted with Bush over 90% of the time.

I`m a political junkie and I watched most of the Democratic Convention yesterday. The theme of last night was to portray Sen. Barack Obama as a regular Joe who feels the pain of his fellow Americans. It was a feel-good night with little criticism of John McCain and the Republican party.

But if the Democrats are to prevail in November it`s incumbent upon them to paint McCain as a clone of George W. Bush. For the next three days of the convention they must juxtapose McCain and Bush at every opportunity.

We don`t need four or eight more years of Bush`s foreign policy, McCain is likely to keep our troops in Iraq for the next hundred years and to start a war with Iran.

We don`t need four or eight more years of Bush`s economic ideas, that will mean a depression.

We don`t need four or eight more years of a Republican administration that is too cozy with Big Oil.

If America is to regain her good name in the world and recover from this economic tailspin, we must say no to a Bush third term.