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Published:September 4th, 2008 09:56 EST
Bristol Palin's Boyfriend Is A Self-Described "Redneck"

Bristol Palin's Boyfriend Is A Self-Described "Redneck"

By Robert Paul Reyes

A few thoughts on the pregnancy of Sarah Palin`s teenage daughter:

There is little or no stigma attached to being an unwed pregnant teen, millions of American households are forced to deal with this issue. However, many evangelicals with pregnant daughters do feel shame.

I have no idea what emotions Sarah Palin (an evangelical) is feeling at this difficult moment, but she felt a need to address her daughter`s pregnancy. Palin was quick to sooth the public and especially her evangelical base, by announcing that her 17-year-old daughter planned to marry her 18-year-old lover.

Who is this young man who will soon be the husband of Sarah Palin`s daughter? Is he a serious young man who loves children, and is anxious to go to college and serve his community?

Ah, not exactly.

"A small amount of information on Johnston could be found at his MySpace page, which has since been removed. The Wasilla, Alaska, hockey player`s page listed him as being in a relationship, but under his `children` status, Johnston opted for "I don`t want kids."

Johnston`s page also revealed his likes and dislikes: He`s a self-professed `redneck` who likes to snowboard, ride dirt bikes, go camping and "hang out `with the boys.` He also enjoys fishing, and warned that, if you mess with him, `I`ll kick [your] a--.`"


Evangelicals might be relieved that Bristol`s boyfriend is going to marry her, after all appearances must be kept. But I think it would be a huge mistake for Bristol to marry a self-described "redneck" who doesn`t like kids and likes to spend his time "hanging out with the boys."

Some folks say that pundits should keep their opinions about Bristol`s pregnancy to themselves. But I believe that by agreeing to be John McCain`s running mate, Sarah Palin is the one who put her pregnant 17-year-old daughter in the spotlight.

Now that I have addressed this issue, I will not revisit it. There`s plenty of serious issues in Sarah Palin`s background that need to be examined.

I feel sympathy for Bristol, at this trying time she needs the love and support of her family, and a hands-off approach from the media.