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Published:September 6th, 2008 15:25 EST
Sarah Palin: Good Speech, But Nothing's Changed

Sarah Palin: Good Speech, But Nothing's Changed

By Robert Paul Reyes

Sarah Palin isn`t qualified to speak about the Iraq war, the mortgage meltdown, the economic crisis, or anything else that will be on the plate of the next administration. That`s why her vice-presidential acceptance speech was devoid of substance, and replete with zingers that brought the carnivorous Republican faithful to their feet.

Sarah Palin looks credible reading from a TelePrompTer, as long as her speech writers don`t burden her with serious subjects. You feed a newborn mushy food, and not a steak and corn on the cob.

Why is everyone surprised that Palin appeared comfortable on the stage, and exuded an air of confidence? The former TV sports reporter and politician should be comfortable under the bright lights.

Palin`s well-delivered address doesn`t automatically confer on her the gravitas of an Obama or Biden, and it doesn`t answer the hundreds of questions and controversies swirling around her.

Palin proved that she`s an expert at mocking Obama, but she utterly failed to make the case that she`s ready to be one heartbeat away from being the leader of the free world.

Palin looked great last night, and she rocked the Republican convention, but the words of Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schulz, D-Fla still ring true:

"John McCain bowed to the right wing of his party in this really misguided, bad judgment choice. He had a lot of other women in the Republican Party that are well qualified to run as vice president of the United States. Sarah Palin is clearly not one of them."

Before the Republicans anoint Palin as the next Margaret Thatcher, they should wait to see how she performs in an interview with a network anchor or in her upcoming debate with Joe Biden.

Obama is an eloquent speaker, but he has the experience and the good judgement to give weight to his words. Palin is great at reading from a script, but is she more than a Pit Bull with lipstick?