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Published:September 9th, 2008 21:03 EST
Sarah Palin Would Be A Disaster If She Becomes President

Sarah Palin Would Be A Disaster If She Becomes President

By Robert Paul Reyes

Sarah Palin is a shooting star who has momentarily eclipsed Obama and McCain in popularity. Palin`s the opening story in news programs; she graces the covers of magazines, and she`s the topic of conversations at water coolers.

Palin may sell newspapers, spike ratings and pump up the crowds, but she`s not the answer to the intractable problems that we face.

The Alaskan governor with the crazy do and the rimless glasses will be totally out of her element if McCain wins and his ticker fails. She is totally unqualified and inexperienced to be the leader of the free world. Putin and the president of Iran would make mincemeat out of her, how can they respect someone who doesn`t know a Sunni from a Shiite or the nation of Georgia from the state of Georgia?

McCain`s reckless and cynical act in choosing Palin disqualifies him for the Oval Office. How can the American people trust a politician who puts personal interests ahead of the good of the country?

The Palin phenomenon will soon burn out, and the only things left will be her beehive do, her unique glasses and her empty resume. For the survival of our country, I hope that the American people will send her back to Alaska.

Palin is familiar with caribou and snowmobiles, the land of the Northern Exposure is the most appropriate place for her. Maybe after another term as governor and a hitch in the senate, Palin may be ready for the presidency one day.