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Published:September 13th, 2008 22:29 EST
Let Sarah Palin Be Sarah Palin

Let Sarah Palin Be Sarah Palin

By Robert Paul Reyes

Sarah Palin`s acceptance speech was a big hit at the Republican convention, as a former sports reporter she had no problem reading from a TelePrompTer and enunciating clearly.

Palin`s speech did not necessarily express her thoughts, it was written by a team of speechwriters bent on promulgating McCain`s ideology.

Since her well-received address at the convention, Palin has made several joint appearances with John McCain. Palin introduces the head of the ticket by reprising the greatest hits from her convention remarks.

The electorate has yet to hear from the real Sarah Palin; when will the avid hunter, pro-life crusader and evangelical tell us what`s on her mind?

Palin`s first interview with a news reporter was painful to watch, it was obvious that she was repeating sound bites and phrases that had been drilled into her. Charles Gibson of ABC News, the interviewer, looked a lot more presidential than the hockey Mom from Alaska.

Wouldn`t it be wonderful if the Obama and McCain campaigns fired all their speechwriters and vowed never to use a TelePrompTer? Obama, McCain, Biden and Palin are very well educated, they shouldn`t have to rely on ghostwriters to communicate effectively with the American public.

Palin may not have the Lincolnesque gift to scribble a Gettysburg Address in a few minutes -- what we expect from her is not necessarily eloquence but her real thoughts.

Palin`s next interview is with Sean Hannity of Fox News -- what a surprise. After the mild-mannered Gibson showed some unexpected toughness and tenacity, the McCain team is playing it safe by having the GOP mouthpiece lob a few softballs at her.

Please! We need to see Palin unplugged. Let Palin be Palin! I disagree with Palin on the issues, but she`s a very intelligent woman and I want to hear what`s really on her mind.