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Published:September 19th, 2008 19:34 EST
Chuck Hagel Declares Sarah Palin Unqualified

Chuck Hagel Declares Sarah Palin Unqualified

By Robert Paul Reyes

When John McCain passed over Republican heavyweights Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Tom Ridge and Tim Pawlenty, and selected neophyte Sarah Palin as his running mate, the rejected suitors bit their lips and praised McCain for his "excellent pick."

It was a sorry and disgusting spectacle to see these old pols heap praise on a woman who is totally unprepared and unqualified for such a high office.

These same clowns then turn around and criticize Obama for his alleged lack of experience -- it makes you laugh and cringe at the same time.

Is there on Republican with the honesty and integrity to declare that the emperor isn`t wearing any clothes, or that the Pitt Bull doesn`t have on any lipstick?

Thank goodness the answer is yes:

"Nebraska Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel said his party`s vice presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, lacks foreign policy experience and called it a `stretch` to say she`s qualified to be president.

`She doesn`t have any foreign policy credentials,` Hagel said in an interview published Thursday by the Omaha World-Herald. `You get a passport for the first time in your life last year? I mean, I don`t know what you can say. You can`t say anything.`

Could Palin lead the country if GOP presidential nominee John McCain could not?

`I think it`s a stretch to, in any way, to say that she`s got the experience to be president of the United States,` Hagel said."

Associated Press

I applaud Sen. Hagel for putting the interests of his country ahead of the well-being of his party. McCain betrayed his country and his party by selecting Palin as his VP. I wish more Republicans would have the courage to speak out against McCain`s cynical and reckless decision.

Palin claimed that from the border of Alaska you can see Russia, hmm maybe, but that doesn`t make her an expert on geopolitics and global trade. Putin will look into her eyes and see a lamb ready to be sheared.

McCain frequently touts Palin`s executive experience, but serving as mayor of a tiny town and serving as governor of Alaska for less than two years doesn`t prepare you to be leader of the free world.

If executive experience were the "be-all-and-end-all" for vice-presidential consideration, McCain should have selected someone who has been a Burger King franchise owner for a long time. A fast food franchise owner has made more executive decisions than McCain, weren`t there any attractive female BK owners available?

Americans should be grateful for Hagel`s honesty, I hope that Republicans take heed and vote for Obama/Biden.