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Published:September 21st, 2008 21:54 EST
Cockrel Plans to Get Detroit Back on Track as 61st Mayor

Cockrel Plans to Get Detroit Back on Track as 61st Mayor

By Garrett Godwin

DETROIT, MI: As Mayor of Detroit, the mission of Kenneth Cockrel, Jr. is to eradicate crime in its streets and corruption within both City Hall.  And in his own words similar to one of his favorite shows, Star Trek: "Let us boldly go where no city has gone before."

"This is our time for hope and renewal" the 42-year-old states in his inaugural speech on Friday.  "This is our time to breathe life back into a city.  It is time that we, and others, stop making jokes about our city.  It is time to be proud of where we live."

The optimistic yet tough message Cockrel gave includes setting out to clean up the city`s image and restoring its good name that was tarnished due to "The Adventures of Kwame-Man" Kilpatrick, Cockrel`s predecessor who resigned two weeks ago and cleared out of office on Thursday.  Cockrel`s plans to redeem Detroit starts with the Detroit Police Department cooperating with the federal authorities in the City Hall corruption case. 

"Let the government investigators do their work and we will do ours" he continues.  "Because of the events of the past several months, it is critical that we find closure, mend our wounds, treat our bumps and bruises, and heal as a city.  It is also important that after that we go to work."

Proclaiming himself as a "geek", Cockrel even shows his love of movies through quoting a line from Terminator 2: Judgment Day as part of his speech to comfort the people of Detroit: "There is no fate but what we make for ourselves."