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Published:September 21st, 2008 21:54 EST
Is John McCain A "Cool Old Dude"?

Is John McCain A "Cool Old Dude"?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Being old is apparently no bar to finding favour with the young -- at least in the world of Japanese politics.

From $6 (3.27 pounds) bean buns to $1,200 kimono belts, a souvenir shop in Tokyo is offering a range of items all bearing the grinning face of `cool old dude` Taro Aso, 68-year-old frontrunner in the race to be Japan`s next prime minister."


Apparently Aso really is a cool old dude, the Reuters articles mentions that he reads youth-oriented comic books and he`s a dapper dresser.

Can John McCain be marketed as a "cool old dude?" I don`t freakin` think so, McCain`s favorite comic strip is probably Li`l Abner and there`s nothing cool about hitching your pants all the way up to your chest.

There is absolutely nothing youth-oriented about McCain, he`s a Luddite who doesn`t know how to send an email or log on to a computer.

If the McCain campaign opens up a souvenir shop peddling items bearing the grinning face of McCain it would go bankrupt before he could say, "where`s my Depends?"