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Published:September 22nd, 2008 14:50 EST
America's Oil Addiction

America's Oil Addiction

By Vincent Gonzalez

            When it comes to energy in America, the first thing that comes to people`s minds is oil. Yes it`s true, oil does make a huge part of our energy but it doesn`t have to be. In this presidential election both candidates have traded jabs over off shore drilling. John McCain supports it, while Barack Obama doesn`t.

I Want Your Oil!


            The debate over off shore drilling in this presidential campaign has little to do with energy. In my opinion, both candidates are just telling the people what they want to hear, promising solutions which so far, neither can guarantee. As I see it, it doesn`t matter what each candidate says because it will make no difference. The meaningless debate over off shore drilling is just one part of America`s energy crisis.


            Oil is not going to be here forever, America can`t allow itself to be held hostage by oil rich nations. Isn`t it weird how just a few years ago in his state of the union address, President Bush claims that America is addicted to oil, and yet he, just like the rest of the republicans want to drill, drill, and drill some more. This in no way solves our energy problem, if anything it prolongs it.


            The debate the government and both presidential candidates should be having is how America can develop alternative fuel,-right here in America, and right now. We can not waste time when it comes to our future. America`s priority should be to create a plan where we can capture the future of energy:


Solar, wind, hydro, next-generation biofuels, electric cars, etc. Regardless of what your opinion is when it comes to global warming, we need to take action so that energy will be around for the future. When it comes to the future of America, people in congress argue and debate over meaningless stuff, they care little for the people in which they were elected to represent. It`s ridiculous!


            As I see it, the only way that America will wake up and notice that our energy is in jeopardy, is when it`s going to be too late.