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Published:September 24th, 2008 21:14 EST
What Would Dog Toys Representing Obama, McCain, Palin And Biden Look Like?

What Would Dog Toys Representing Obama, McCain, Palin And Biden Look Like?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A pet food company has come up with a novel way of gauging the public mood ahead of the New Zealand`s general election -- which political leader would you like to see fed to the dogs?

Masterpet has made rubber chew toys for dogs with likenesses to the two politicians vying to run the country after the November 8 election, website http:/ has reported."


We`re having our own little presidential election here in the States, it would be interesting to see the same experiment tried here. The election has gone to the dogs anyway with McCain`s sleazy political ad campaign and Biden`s daily gaffe.

Since Sarah Palin is as big a star as John McCain and Barack Obama, we could do it a bit differently and also make dog toys representing the vice-presidential candidates.

The Palin rubber chew toy would of course be a Pit Bull with glasses and lipstick. The Biden toy would make a noise whenever you touch, bite or handle it, driving everyone in your house absolutely bonkers. The Obama toy would come with a few scratches and maybe an ear missing, representing his tough primary battle with Hillary, but his halo would still be intact. The McCain toy would come with a defibrillator.

I have a Pitt Bull/German Shepherd and a Chow/Lab and I`m sure they would love to tear the McCain toy apart, rendering the defibrillator unnecessary.