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Published:September 28th, 2008 11:14 EST
Sarah Palin's Pastor Problem

Sarah Palin's Pastor Problem

By Robert Paul Reyes

Presidential candidates often curry favor with religious leaders, and one has to wonder why? They would be better off seeking the endorsement of pimps and other criminals, they come with less baggage than "men of God."

Sen. Barack Obama`s presidential aspirations were almost derailed by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The junior senator from Illinois has not learned his lesson, he still goes trolling for votes in black churches.

Sen. John McCain has his own well documented pastor problems, he sought the endorsement of the Rev. John Hagee, and then renounced the minister when he made anti-Catholic remarks.

It`s less dangerous to play with fire than it is to seek the blessing of ministers. Religious leaders have unbridled tongues, they speak in the name of God and see no reason to temper their remarks. Evangelical leaders like Pat Robertson know that their congregations will forgive any slip of the tongue, they forget that the electorate is less forgiving.

Presidential candidates can pretend to be religious, but they should avoid any personal relationship with any men of the cloth.

Maybe Sarah Palin is qualified to be president after all, because like the big boys she has a pastor problem of her own.

"In the fine, new American tradition of presidential campaign "pastor disasters," Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin might have one she can call her very own, complete with its own sensational YouTube video and stunned cable TV commentary. You knew it was coming -- but probably didn`t suspect it would involve witchcraft."

Washington Post/David Waters

Enlightened Europeans must be aghast when they witness the spectacle of a witch hunting cleric laying hands on a woman who may be president one day. In other for America`s good name to be restored, politicians must avoid ministers like the plague.

Palin has endorsed the ministry of a Kenyan evangelist named Thomas Muthee, a fiery preacher with a penchant for hunting down witches in his native Kenya. Nevermind questions about the Bush Doctrine, why doesn`t a reporter ask Palin if she believes in evil witches who war against born-again Christians?

Palin needs to ditch her nutty clergymen friends, and cultivate friendships with men and women who prize empirical facts more than religious superstitions.

America would be better off with an atheist or agnostic president who doesn`t pander to religious nuts, but unfortunately Americans aren`t ready to elect a freethinker to the White House.