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Published:October 1st, 2008 18:51 EST
The Sarah Palin Nude Painting Controversy

The Sarah Palin Nude Painting Controversy

By Robert Paul Reyes

A Chicago artist is drawing crowds to his bar after painting a portrait of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in the buff.

Bruce Elliott unveiled the 4-foot-tall portrait at the Old Town Ale House on Chicago`s North Side last Thursday, the Windy Citizen reports. The governor is wearing her trademark hairdo, holding an automatic rifle and standing naked on a polar-bear skin rug.

Sarah Palin Nude Painting Controversy

It`s usually Palin`s unique hairdo or her outsized glasses that grab my attention, but when I look at her nude painting that`s not what my eyes focus on. If you`ve ever wondered what Peggy Hill from "King of the Hill" looks like naked, you`ve got to see this guy`s painting.

My initial impression was that it`s sexist to trivialize and objectify an important female by painting her in the nude. I don`t think we will see a nude painting of John McCain or Joe Biden -- thank God!

But Palin is a political lightweight who is utterly unqualified to be John McCain`s running mate, and she deserves whatever ridicule comes her way. She should have had the humility and good sense to say, "No Thanks", when McCain inexplicably offered her the vice-presidency.

The Ole Town Ale House has many images and paintings of celebrities, and Palin`s nude painting deserves to be in such company. Palin isn`t a respected statesman, but with her crazy do, unique glasses, and beauty queen looks she qualifies as a celebrity.

Palin`s nude painting isn`t enough to make me cry "male chauvinism", but if this guy paints a respected female politician like Sen. Dianne Feinstein in the nude I will holler in protest.