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Published:October 3rd, 2008 09:29 EST
Sarah Palin And Dinsoaurs: Feedback

Sarah Palin And Dinsoaurs: Feedback

By Robert Paul Reyes

In seems like Sarah Palin`s highly lauded acceptance speech at the Republican convention was eons ago, but it was a scant few weeks ago.

After disastrous interviews with Charles Gibson and Katie Couric, Palin`s support has eroded, even a few conservative columnists have turned against her with a vengeance.

But Palin`s support with her evangelical base remains rock-solid, as evidenced by the feedback I received when one of my anti-Palin articles was mentioned in a Christian Web site.

I recently wrote an essay for NewsBlaze entitled "Sarah Palin: Dinosaurs Coexisted With Dinosaurs", and it elicited a few comments, most of them positive.

My Palin essay was recently referenced by a writer for a Christian-oriented Web site:

The writer, Jim Brown didn`t provide a link to my column, nor did he provide my email address or name the Web Site that published my editorial. Nevertheless, I received over twenty emails from irate evangelicals blasting me for attacking a woman of God.

In addition to the emails I received several comments were posted on the site lambasting me and supporting Sarah Palin. This is a sample of one of the comments:

"Internet columnist Robert Paul Reyes who branded Palin a `religious fanatic` with a `Neanderthal faith` needs to visit the Creation Museum in Ohio to see for himself how many of us "fanatics" there are! I visited the museum this past summer. It was standing room only! I felt as though I was at a concert trying to get through the sea of people who attended. And, unlike a concert, everyone was polite, kind, and respectful to one another. It was an amazing experience and a terrific opportunity for my daughter to get the other side of this story."

It`s scary that there is a museum dedicated to the notion that dinosaurs and human beings coexisted. It`s even more scary that when the media points out the shortcomings and inexperience of Palin, it also serves to energize her evangelical base.

I will never convince Palin`s evangelical supporters that she is the most unqualified candidate ever to run for vice-president, but hopefully I have opened the eyes of a few persons who don`t support Palin simply because she`s an evangelical Christian.