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Published:October 3rd, 2008 13:06 EST
Sarah Palin Claims To Be A "Joe Six-Pack"

Sarah Palin Claims To Be A "Joe Six-Pack"

By Robert Paul Reyes

The following is an excerpt of Sarah Palin`s interview with right-wing radio talker Hugh Hewitt:

Hewitt: "Governor, your candidacy has ignited extreme hostility, even some hatred on the left and in some parts of the media. Are you surprised? And what do you attribute this reaction to?"

Palin: "I think they`re just not used to someone coming in from the outside saying, "You know what? It`s time that normal Joe six-pack American is finally represented in the position of vice presidency." I think that that`s kind of taken some people off guard, and they`re out of sorts, and they`re ticked off about it, but it`s motivation for John McCain and I to work that much harder to make sure that our ticket is victorious, and we put government back on the side of the people of Joe six-pack like me, and we start doing those things that are expected of our government, and we get rid of corruption, and we commit to the reform that is not only desired, but is deserved by Americans."

The premise of Hewitt`s question is dead wrong, the press has been fair in its treatment and coverage of Palin. The governor of Alaska has done only two legitimate interviews, and she performed disastrously in both. Katie Couric and Charles Gibson did not play "gotcha" journalism, they posed questions that tested Palin`s knowledge of domestic and foreign affairs, and she failed miserably.

If McCain thought he could get away with it, he would only allow Palin to be interviewed by GOP apologists who pitch only softball questions. The Couric and Gibson interviews were difficult to watch because they exposed Palin as an airhead, but watching the obsequiousness of Hewitt and Hannity as they catered to Palin almost made me throw up.

Hewitt`s question was bad, but Palin`s response was worse.

As a journalism major Palin should have defended Couric and Gibson for treating her courteously and fairly, instead of implying they were out to get her. Blasting the media is an easy way to appeal to certain demographics, and Palin will gladly tear down the press even though they have treated her with kid`s gloves.

Unbelievably, Palin identifies herself as a "Joe Six-Pac". An average Joe lives in trailer park, he doesn`t reside in the governor`s mansion, and he`d be lucky to have a couple of hundred dollars in the bank, unlike Palin who is worth over a million dollars.

Even if Palin resembled a Joe Six-Pac, that`s not necessarily a good thing. I don`t want a freakin` Joe-Six Pac negotiating nuclear arm treaties with Russia. I want a Harvard educated statesman with years of community and pubic service in the White House. I don`t want a president I would feel comfortable drinking a beer with; I have plenty of slacker friends that I enjoy going to the pub with.

Sarah Palin is not vice-presidential or Joe Six Pac material, she`s a moose-killing hockey mom who is out of her element.