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Published:October 6th, 2008 20:18 EST
Bangkok Politician Assaults TV Host

Bangkok Politician Assaults TV Host

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An underdog in Sunday`s election for governor of Bangkok punched and kicked a television journalist Thursday, saying he was provoked by tough questions during a live interview.

`I admit I did it. I couldn`t stand it when he humiliated me on air,` said Chuvit, a stocky former bodybuilder who owned a strip of girly bars before entering politics a few years ago.

`What I did was a petty crime and I am happy to pay the fine for elbowing him and kicking him,`"


The rough and tumble of Thai politics makes even John McCain`s dirty political tricks look like a game of Tag.

The Bangkok politician resorted to fisticuffs when he was asked a few tough questions, he would probably murder Bill O`Reilly if he ever enters the "no spin zone."

I can imagine Sarah Palin slapping a reporter after she`s asked a softball question. Slap! Slap! How dare you ask me a follow-up question; I betcha ain`t gonna try that media elite trick again.

Sarah and this joker are very similar in outlook, whenever a reporter asks a tough question she feels he is provoking her.

This guy is a piece of work, he exclaims "I admit it, I did it." He assaulted the reporter during a live TV interview, he had no choice but to fess up.

Chuvit claims that assaulting the reporter was a "petty crime", I bet the hapless journalist has a different legal perspective.

I hope Chuvit pays more than just a fine for committing assault and battery against a member of the press.