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Published:October 6th, 2008 21:00 EST
Open Letter to The Teens of America From Hunter Gomez

Open Letter to The Teens of America From Hunter Gomez

By Hunter Gomez

Jon Voight and Hunter Gomez, who worked together as father and son in the film National Treasure, both attended the Republican National Convention to support Senator John McCain
I am writing today in hopes of encouraging teens from all over our great country to get out and get involved in this upcoming presidential election. With only a month to go, if you are not yet involved, you are running out of time to make your voice heard. You do not have to be 18 to get involved, some people that I have talked to feel that because they can`t vote, that this election does not affect them but it does, this is our future! Even if you are not old enough to vote there are lots of ways to make your voices heard but first you have to be informed. Read up on both candidates, talk to people who are knowledgeable, learn what the candidate`s views are and decide who you feel would be the best for the country. 


Once you have made your decision, you can call local offices and ask to volunteer. There are lots of ways to get involved for example, you can donate money as long as it is your own and you want to donate it. You can help make calls and encourage people you know to get involved. You can also attend a rally or an event if there is one in your town. I recently attended the Republican National Convention which was an awesome experience. You can also remind people to register to vote if they haven`t already, they can do it on line, it`s easy. There is a great website called where you can register and get involved.


I will share my personal thoughts with you about my views on this election but I encourage you to do your own research, read up on all the candidates and pick who you think is best for your beliefs, don`t follow others, don`t listen to celebrities, listen, talk and read all the information you can, get opinions from people you respect and then make up your own mind and get involved.


I am only 16 but I have been very involved in this election from the beginning both with volunteer support and financial donations. While the press, particularly the USA Today made an issue of my donations, I still believe since I am a taxpayer and an informed citizen, I should have every right to donate my own money if I want to. 


I made my decision early on to support Senator John McCain because I feel he is the right man to lead this country. I will turn 18 within the first year after the next president takes office and I know my future depends on many of the decisions the next administration will make. I personally trust Senator McCain to make the decisions that are important to me. I happen to know the good Senator and his family and I can tell you that his whole family puts our country first. The Senator is a man of honor and integrity who does what he says he will do and I respect him for that. He has fought for our country at a time of war and didn`t give in then and I know he will continue to do that as our president because he really does put our great country before all else, he is a true patriot. Another thing I admire about Senator McCain is that because he wants what is best for the country he will work with Democrats, Republicans and Independents to get the job done. I personally feel that we have to stop seeing ourselves as Republicans or Democrats or Independents and just see ourselves as Americans. As Americans I feel it is our duty to get involved and try to make a difference and that is what Senator McCain has always done and will continue to do. 


I think it is terrible that the press and bloggers make up lies about both candidates and I know sometimes it is hard to read between the lines to be able to get to the issues that are important but you have to try. It`s hard to understand why the adults that are suppose to be our role models distort the truth and make it hard for people to just get the facts but the basic facts and what the candidates really stand for is out there if you just do your research. You need to know what their plans are not just whether or not you think they are good people and again I find myself in agreement with Senator McCain.


Aside from being a strong man of honor and integrity I also agree with most of the Senators plans regarding things like the war, his health plan and taxes etc.. I work hard in school and at work, and I like to make my own decisions, which is another reason I decided to support the Senator.  Senator McCain`s plan on health care is a good example of what I mean, my dad is a doctor so I understand what it would be like to be on a health care plan, I want to choose what doctor I see. I don`t want to have to go where I`m told by some plan, these are the kinds of things that I considered when deciding who to support and yet another reason I`m supporting Senator McCain. I do like to help others and I do a lot of charity work and donate to good causes but I feel very strongly that there is a big difference in helping those that need it and having the government control our lives. I feel like it is important for people to work hard for themselves and make their own decisions, not count on the government to make them. I want to earn my own way and give what I can to my country and to others, not ask the government and my country to keep giving to me.


So in closing I implore you to get out, get involved and make a difference in our futures. Make up your own mind like I have done, don`t slam others for their decisions as in the end we are all Americans and ultimately we all really want what is best for our country. There is no doubt in my mind that everyone that is running for president all believe they have the best plan for America`s future but it is up to us, the citizens to all do our due diligence and decide what is best for us as a country and then act to make it happen. So, get out, get informed and get involved in your future and Americas!



Hunter Gomez