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Published:October 7th, 2008 16:28 EST
McCain-Palin Finally Engaged in War!

McCain-Palin Finally Engaged in War!

By John Lillpop

With just 29 shopping days until election day, John McCain has apparently decided to take off his gloves and fight Barack Obama`s Fatwa on America tooth and nail. At stake is the right to serve this great nation as it`s 44th president and the future of western civilization as we now know it.

McCain is joined in this long overdue and completely justified Holy war by his formidable running mate, the effervescent Governor Palin. The governor is best known for moose hunting skills, however, during the recent debate, she showed an uncanny ability to pummel dumb animals of the two-legged liberal variety as well.

Using only an occasional wink and a charming down- to- earth demeanor, Governor Palin connected with middle class America in a way that a 66-year-old white male plagiarist who has been feeding at the public trough in Washington, D.C. for 36 years cannot not begin to understand, much less replicate.

It was Governor Palin by a decisive KO over the clue less lefty!

Far from content to rest on her laurels, Governor Palin challenged the decision by John McCain to give up on Michigan. Such vim and vigor has not been seen in a VP candidate for a long time, if ever.

Next on the docket, Governor Palin went after Barack Obama with both barrels taking on the erstwhile community organizer for his relationship with left-wing radical and violence merchant William Ayers.

Then she sounded a clarion call for greater emphasis on Obama and Jeremiah Wright, the Obama pastor who blamed the U.S. for 9/11, while shouting, "GD America" during a religious service in a house of worship.

John McCain himself joined the fray on Monday by calling Barack Obama a "liar," a fact well know to anyone who has followed Obama`s campaign and who is not a demented leftist.

Back to the Obama-Ayers relationship: The Republican National Committee will soon release information that proves beyond a doubt that Obama`s relationship with the domestic terrorist was more than Obama is admitting to.

As Governor Palin said about Obama, "This is someone who sees America as `imperfect enough` to work with a former domestic terrorist who targeted his own country."

Governor Palin is clearly engaged in the battle. The only question is whether John McCain shares her passion.

For the sake of our nation, let`s hope that some of Sarah Palin`s spirit rubs off on John McCain, thereby sending Obama back to the U.S. Senate as the junior member from Illinois.