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Published:October 9th, 2008 11:35 EST
Joe Biden

Biden: McCain An Angry Sidekick

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden called Republican John McCain an angry man making ugly attacks against the Democratic ticket to cover up his support for President Bush.

`You can`t call yourself a maverick when all you`ve ever been is a sidekick,` Biden said Wednesday of McCain. He credited Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey with first using the line."

Joe Biden

Associated Press/Nedra Pickler

Sen. Joe Biden is gaffe-prone and he often makes remarks that he later has to retract, but this Biden quotation is spot on.

The essence of Sen. Barack Obama is hope and change, and the most prominent characteristic of McCain is anger. Righteous anger can be a virtue if it`s directed at injustice or systemic racism, but when it`s focused on an individual it`s an ugly thing to behold.

Not to put to fine a point on it, but McCain hates Obama. In their first debate McCain couldn`t bring himself to look at Obama, and in last night`s debate he referred to his opponent as "that one." By dehumanizing Obama, McCain only succeeded in making himself look like a petty and angry old man.

In last night`s town hall meeting McCain was so full of hatred that he couldn`t stand still, he prowled the stage like a doddering and vindictive old codger. He resembled a Grandpa pacing on his porch, ready to scream at any kid with the temerity to walk on his lawn.

Anger is unbecoming for anyone, but especially for an old man. A young person can get away with a measure of anger, because it`s perceived as determination and seriousness. But when you see an old man display anger, you wonder if he is suffering from constipation or droopy drawers.

Biden is correct, McCain is a sidekick and not a maverick. McCain has carried water for the Bush administration for the past eight years, in these perilous times we don`t need a water boy in the White House. McCain and Bush are joined at the..., well let`s just say that McCain has a brown nose.

Biden meant to imply that McCain is Bush`s sidekick, that`s right, but McCain is also Sarah Palin`s sidekick. McCain betrayed his country and his party by choosing the most unqualified and inexperienced person ever to run for high office. Fate has punished McCain for his cynicism and recklessness by making him Palin`s sidekick. Palin may be an airhead but she`s extremely popular with the Republican base and she draws huge crowds amking McCain look like an irrelevant old man.

There`s only one presidential debate left, and I hope that an increasingly bitter and angry McCain doesn`t suffer a heart attack while throwing a tantrum on stage. There`s only four weeks left until the general election and victory is out of the grasp for McCain. At this point McCain should consider his legacy, end the race on a gracious note and refrain from his intemperate and untruthful attacks.