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Published:October 11th, 2008 12:00 EST

GOP Complains About Newsweek Extreme Close-up Photo Of Sarah Palin

By Robert Paul Reyes

"This week`s Newsweek features an extreme close-up of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin -- a picture so detailed it shows every blemish and wrinkle and even a few wisps of facial hair.

Republican media consultant Andrea Tantaros told Fox News the photo is `a clear slap in the face` at Palin.

An official with the magazine told the TV show `Access Hollywood` that the picture was cropped to accentuate Palin`s smile.",CST-NWS-palin09.article

The Newsweek cover photograph of Sarah Palin is much ado about nothing, in this age of high-def TV every politician would be well-advised to slap on the pancake makeup to cover up blemishes and wrinkles. High-def TV is great for sporting events, but it makes political talking heads look like hideous monsters.

If the Newsweek cover photo had been cropped to accentuate Palin`s wink, then her supporters would have a right to claim that she was being ridiculed. But Palin has a lovely smile, and I think it`s a flattering photo of her.

It`s to Palin`s credit that she can withstand the scrutiny of a close-up photograph, imagine a close-up image of John McCain, it would cost him the election.

The Republicans should stop obsessing about the Newsweek cover photo of Palin, it`s the article about Palin that`s not very flattering. The GOP has a habit of focusing on trivialities and ignoring the pressing issues of the day -- witness Palin`s focus on Rev. Wright and Ayers.