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Published:October 11th, 2008 21:53 EST
Prominent Republicans Should Condemn Sarah Palin Candidacy

Prominent Republicans Should Condemn Sarah Palin Candidacy

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It`s time for the distinguished members of the Republican Party to publicly put their country over their politics. (That`s you, Colin Powell, Henry Kissinger and James Baker III.) It`s time (Arlen Specter, Sandra Day O`Connor and Olympia Snowe) to say aloud what you no doubt whisper in privacy: that the selection of Sarah Palin as McCain`s vice-presidential nominee is a dangerous and unacceptable choice."

The Nation/Judith Viorst

It doesn`t take any courage to point out that the emperor is butt naked when you are one out of a chorus of millions. To declare that Bush is a fool doesn`t require a spine of steel, his words and his actions have proven him to be one of the worst presidents in history.

It doesn`t take a rocket scientist or an exceptionally perceptive person to realize that Sarah Palin is an empty skirt. The great majority of Democrats as well as a few conservative intellectuals have stated the obvious: Sarah Palin is naked as a jaybird. The lipstick-wearing Pit Bull may be qualified to enter a Beauty Pageant or a dog show, but she doesn`t have the expertise, knowledge and experience to serve as vice-president.

But Republican leaders have failed to step up to the plate. We need a few prominent Republicans who will put country before party loyalty and condemn the selection of Palin as vice-president.

Colin Powell`s illustrious career was marred by his public support for the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Even though Powell was personally opposed to attacking Iraq, he staged that infamous dog and pony show in the United Nations that sought to justify the immoral and illegal war.

"In July 2007 Powell revealed that he spent two and a half hours trying to persuade George W. Bush not to invade Iraq but that he did not prevail. At the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado Powell stated, `I tried to avoid this war. I took him [Bush] through the consequences of going into an Arab country and becoming the occupiers.`"


Powell can redeem himself if he speaks out now against the Palin candidacy. Now is the time for him to put country over party, and condemn John McCain for his desperate, cynical and reckless action in choosing Palin as his running mate.

It`s imperative that a few Republican women also speak out against Palin, so that the motivations of the maverick Republicans won`t be misinterpreted as sexism.

Right now Obama is far ahead in the polls, and it doesn`t look like we will face the awful prospect of Palin serving as vice-president or president. But if the presidential campaign takes an unexpected turn and the McCain/Palin ticket wins, Powell, Kissinger, O`Connor, Snowe and all the other Republicans who remained silent will have a lot to answer for.