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Published:October 11th, 2008 09:32 EST
Reuters Sarah Palin "Leg Photo" Causes Controversy

Reuters Sarah Palin "Leg Photo" Causes Controversy

By Robert Paul Reyes

"As sexism charges against media coverage of Sarah Palin have intensified in recent weeks, one particular news photograph has roused widespread fury among readers who say it demeans the Alaska governor as nothing more than a sex object.

The photo -- taken Wednesday by the Reuters wire service -- shows the Republican vice presidential candidate addressing supporters at a rally in Bethlehem, Pa.

But the only glimpse of Palin in the photo is a blurred close-up of her legs -- with the face of a young, male audience member set between them as he looks upward at the stage."

The Republican base is in a frenzy to protect the virtue of Sarah Palin, they immediately pounce on every perceived slight or insult. Palin isn`t a fragile flower, the lipstick wearing Pit Bull can take care of herself.

From an aesthetic viewpoint the photograph is perfectly framed, with a young man caught between the legs of Sarah Palin. From a philosophical perspective it speaks volumes, it depicts an airhead who can only be viewed as a sexual object. From an editorial point of view it is merely emphasizing the fact that Palin is a woman in the male-dominated political arena. From my humble vantage point, it`s much ado about nothing.

It`s fitting that Palin`s image is blurry; we don`t know who she is because she`s yet to hold a press conference.

Republicans need to develop a tougher skin, they will complain about anything. They are also up in arms over the extreme close-up Newsweek cover photo of Sarah Palin.

But forget Palin`s leg and face, I wish we got get a glimpse of her mind. She should open up and grant interviews with legitimate reporters (Read: non-Fox News Republican apologists) and hold a few news conferences before the election.