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Published:October 13th, 2008 18:21 EST
Sarah Palin Jeered At Philadelphia Flyers Game

Sarah Palin Jeered At Philadelphia Flyers Game

By Robert Paul Reyes

Philadelphia fans have a reputation of worshipful devotion to their teams, in good times and bad, but they also have a notorious reputation for booing anybody and anything else. If Jesus Christ staged his Second Coming at the Wachovia Center during a Philadelphia Flyers game he would be mocked mercilessly. Some things never change, the Earth will always revolve around the Sun, and the Philadelphia fans will always wreak havoc on anyone not representing the City of Brotherly Love.

It`s axiomatic that Sarah Palin doesn`t have a clue, but apparently her handlers are equally clueless. Some Einstein arranged for Palin to drop the first puck at the Flyers` home opener against the New York Rangers, with predictable results.

"The world`s most famous "hockey mom" can now join the ever-growing list of icons booed by Philly fans. Move over, Santa Claus and Mike Schmidt, Sarah Palin was booed tonight in front of Willow and Piper as she was introduced to drop the first puck at the Flyers` home opener against the New York Rangers.

Despite pleas from the scoreboard at the Wachovia Center, which read `Flyers fans, show Philadelphia`s class and welcome America`s No. 1 hockey mom, Sarah Palin,` ABC News` Jake Tapper reports that the booing was so prevalent that the music had to be cranked up to `deafening` levels in order to compete with the fans from the city of Brotherly Love."

It`s useless to appeal to the "good side" of Philadelphia fans, they would jeer Mother Teresa if she came back from the dead and made an urgent appeal for world peace. They would only put up with her if she yelled, "Go Philadelphia Eagles!"

The world`s Number 1 hockey mom has a distressing habit of using her children as props or foils. Palin used her Down syndrome baby as a prop at the Republican National Convention. Now in an effort to deflect jeers, Palin dressed her young daughter in a Philadelphia Flyers outfit. I`m glad she was ridiculed anyway, maybe she will learn her lesson and stop using her children for her political benefit.

Palin accepted John McCain`s invitation to be her running mate, even though it put her 17-year-old pregnant daughter under the microscope of the worldwide media. And she exposed her children to the humiliation and sarcasm that can only be dished out by Philadelphia fans. I`d rather be in a lion`s den than face the wrath of Philadelphia fans.

Palin, who stresses family values, should resign and go home to Alaska and take care of her children.