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Published:October 15th, 2008 22:15 EST
Dude Names Baby After McCain And Palin Without Telling His Wife

Dude Names Baby After McCain And Palin Without Telling His Wife

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A supporter of Republican presidential candidate John McCain and running mate Sarah Palin went beyond a bumper sticker and named his newborn daughter after the duo.

The baby`s name, Sarah McCain Palin Ciptak, came as a surprise to her mother.

The parents had agreed to name the girl Ava Grace, but father Mark Ciptak instead filled out the birth certificate with the political name to draw attention to the candidates, he told local newspaper the Kingsport Times News

He only later told his wife, Layla."

I know parents who read a book of babies names from cover to cover, they agonized and deliberated before they finally choose a moniker for their baby. A name will stay with a baby for the rest of his life, it`s imperative that the important task of choosing a name isn`t done in a frivolous or haphazard manner.

"Ava Grace" is a beautiful and poetic name, and I`m sure that such a lovely name was selected after much thought and consideration.

And then the idiotic father changes the name of the baby to "Sarah McCain Palin Ciptak" without notifying his wife. I think this guy likes McCain and Palin more than his wife and baby. Only a loser would name his baby after two of the biggest losers in politics.

It`s time for the wife to change her name, by divorcing her stupid husband. She can then change the baby`s name to Ava Grace, and sanity will be restored.