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Published:October 17th, 2008 13:36 EST
Strip Club Hosts Sarah Palin Lookalike Contest

Strip Club Hosts Sarah Palin Lookalike Contest

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Some spectacled strippers are looking to score some votes of their own, just for looking like Sarah Palin. A Sin City strip club says it plans to host a lookalike contest in honor of the GOP vice presidential nominee, and is bringing in women from gentlemen`s clubs all over the country to compete.

Sarah Palin

They`ll be judged by club guests on how they resemble Palin while wearing a swimsuit and how well they debate, according to news release."

The Associated Press

If Palin were a qualified vice-presidential candidate Harvard or Yale might hold a foreign policy debate in her honor. But Palin is a joke, it`s only fitting that a strip club is hosting a lookalike contest in her honor.

The strippers will be judged by how much they resemble Palin, hell I could enter the contest simply by wearing a bee-hive wig, putting on rimless eyeglasses and talking like an idiot.

The contestants will also be judged by how well they debate -- that`s setting a pretty low bar. If the strippers want to imitate Palin, they will have to debate like a dyslectic third-grader.

The winner of the Sarah Palin lookalike contest will probably be more qualified than Palin to be vice-president of the United States.