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Published:October 20th, 2008 17:42 EST
Paddy Power PLC

Irish Bookie Declares Obama The Winner, Pays Off Bets

By Robert Paul Reyes

Bookies, even the quasi-legal ones, are tough characters -- don`t pay off a losing bet and you might end up with a broken arm or in need of dental surgery.

Paddy Power PLCBookies never pay out before the outcome of a game is determined, that would be like a hooker operating on a donation basis.

But an Irish bookmaker is so convinced Obama is going to win, he`s already paying his customers who placed bets on the senator from Illinois.

"The race is over as far as Ireland`s biggest bookmaker is concerned.

Paddy Power PLC says it is so sure Barack Obama will win the U.S. presidential election next month that it paid off Thursday on all bets it had taken backing the Democratic candidate. It said it shelled out more than €1 million, about $1.35 million.

`We declare this race well and truly over and congratulate all those who backed Obama - your winnings await you,` the company said in a statement."

The Associated Press

When a bookie pays his customers who backed Obama, it`s over. The Fat Lady has belted a couple of encores and she`s left the building. I predict an electoral college landslide win for Obama, he will be given a mandate for change.

McCain`s has no realistic hopes of winning, he should go out on a note of grace and stop smearing Obama. McCain should muzzle his Pit Bull running mate, the electorate is sick and tired of Sarah Palin`s lies and smears.

I am so convinced of an Obama victory, that if he loses I will put on a Palin wig, smear on some lipstick and post a photo on my daily column for this Web site.