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Published:October 30th, 2008 19:00 EST
George Bush's Attack On Syria A Political Ploy

George Bush's Attack On Syria A Political Ploy

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Iraq on Tuesday slammed a deadly American helicopter raid on a Syrian border village at the weekend, an assault a US official in Washington said had targeted a prominent militant.

The unidentified US official said the weekend raid on the Syria-Iraq border had been `successful,` and that among those believed killed was Abu Ghadiya, "one of the most prominent foreign fighter facilitators in the region."

But Syria said the eight people killed in Sunday`s assault were all civilians, including children, and it has branded the raid -- the first confirmed US action of its kind inside Syrian territory -- a `terrorist` act."


Syria doesn`t pose a military threat to Israel or any other country in the Middle East. Syria is so impotent that Israel feels emboldened to strike its neighbor with impunity.

Hundreds of jihadists stream into Iraq from Iran every month, but President George W. Bush doesn`t dare strike such a powerful country. In an attempt to influence the election Dubya authorized a deadly raid on a Syrian border village. Iran is the real threat to stability in Iraq, but Bush can bomb Syria without fear of reprisals.

Bush`s attack on Syria was a political and not a military action. Killing a few terrorists (assuming the victims weren`t civilians) is of negligible military significance. Bush wants to call attention to the turmoil in the Middle East, in the hopes that it will benefit John McCain, the war hero.

The American raid was not successful, it has alienated our allies in the region. Our few Arab friends in the region have condemned the attack in no uncertain terms.

John McCain will continue Bush`s misadventures in the Middle East, it`s imperative that peace lovers vote for Barack Obama.