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Published:October 30th, 2008 09:04 EST
Who Wants A Sarah Palin Cabbage Patch Kid Doll?

Who Wants A Sarah Palin Cabbage Patch Kid Doll?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"For those that remember the ever popular Cabbage Patch Kids, there is a new doll that will soon be hitting eBay for charity.

Four one-of-a-kind Cabbage Patch Kids have been created and dressed to look like Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain and VP candidates Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. The dolls, which can be found on eBay starting on Thursday, October 30, will be sold by Jakks Pacific, a leader in the children`s toy industry."

Palin`s look-alike doll will feature her famous brown up-do, rimless glasses, red business suit and high heels."

Let me make a bold prediction: Joe Biden`s doll isn`t going to get a lot of bids. Biden`s doll should come with a string, when you pull it the doll will talk non-stop for an hour.

I expect the Obama and McCain dolls to elicit a lot of bids, but the Palin doll should sell for a gazillion dollars. Whether it`s a p(o)rn video starring a Palin lookalike or a Palin Cabbage Patch Kid, we can`t get enough of the Alaska governor.

Palin makes an excellent Cabbage Patch Kid, she has the I.Q. of an overripe head of cabbage. Only Palin can make a Cabbage Patch Kid look se(x)y, dad may have to fight with his 7-year-old daughter over who gets to play with the damn thing.

Palin is a novelty item, just like the original Cabbage Patch Kids when they made their debut in 1983. Let`s hope that Palin doesn`t have the staying power of these adorable dolls.