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Published:November 2nd, 2008 08:23 EST
Drag Queens Love To Impersonate Sarah Palin

Drag Queens Love To Impersonate Sarah Palin

By Robert Paul Reyes

Evangelicals aren`t the only ones enamored with Sarah Palin, drag queens also love the larger than life governor of Alaska. The GOP base loves Palin`s stand on abortion and guns, and drag queens love her hair, glasses and goofy mannerisms.

"If a fun-loving public was looking for a break from a tense political season, the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval was not the place to be. "No on 8" signs, buttons, and stickers were impossible to avoid, and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin appeared in the form of multiple look-a-likes. Republican presidential candidate John McCain, though, could not be found, although one young man bravely wore a McCain-Palin T-shirt as he walked through an estimated crowd of at least 250,000 people."

LA Weekly/Patrick Range McDonald

Most folks think there`s nothing scarier than Palin as vice-president, but fun-loving West Hollywood drag queens love dressing as the former beauty queen. It`s not only straight guys who can`t get enough of the hot governor.

Palin believes that homosexuality is a sin, but she should send a shout out to her fans in West Hollywood on her next stump speech.

A drag queen as Palin is a hoot! Tina Fey as Palin is spot on! A bikini-clad Gina Gershon impersonating Palin is hot! LisaNova as Palin is a riot! Kelly Ripa as Palin is a disappointment. But Palin as the vice-president, or God forbid as president, is a freakin` nightmare!