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Published:November 3rd, 2008 18:44 EST
Voting for Obama Out of the Question for Intelligent, Informed Voters!

Voting for Obama Out of the Question for Intelligent, Informed Voters!

By John Lillpop

According to conventional wisdom (liberal propaganda) unless you vote for Barack Obama, you are a racist. In truth, you may not have a racist bone in your body, you may have worked for equality and basic human rights all of your life.

In fact, you may even be black yourself.

Pause for a moment of truth and clarity:

Not voting for Barack Obama is the patriotic duty of all who really care about America.

Consider these factors before voting for the man who would bring radical CHANGE that would destroy America:

1. Has no experience or accomplishments to his credit.

2. Believes that bankrupting industry is a legitimate function of government.

3. Believes that government should decide who has too much and who has too little wealth, and should be authorized to forcibly take assets from one citizen and give them to other citizens, to non-citizens, and even illegal aliens.

4. Was wrong about the Surge in Iraq.

5. History of associating with domestic terrorists, a racist pastor, Lewy Farrakhan, and corrupt business thugs.

6. Worked for ACORN and, as recently as this year, has given that voter-fraud group $800,000.00.

7. Endorsed by the likes of Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, the speaker of the Iranian parliament, and other avowed enemies of America.

8. Is a Marxist with dubious documentation to support his claim to be an U.S. citizen.

9. Used illegal drugs in his youth.

10. Would meet unconditionally with terrorist sponsoring nations like Iran.

11. Believes that terrorist groups like Hamas have "legitimate causes" and that U.S. policy is at least partially to blame for 9/11.

To liberals, none of the above matters because Barack Obama is black, and, according to the left, we Americans are morally obligated to elect a black man to atone for 250years of abuse.

Forget the fact that electing Barack Obama will bring great misery to the entire nation, including blacks, and may very well spell the end to the most prosperous and generous society in human history.

None of that matters because liberals and the mainstream media are unrelenting in preaching that a vote for anyone other than Barack Obama is racist.

With all due respect to those who believe such nonsense, I intend to vote for someone other than Obama. That decision is based on my belief that Obama is not the most qualified person running for the presidency.

The fact that Obama is an African-American is irrelevant. I believe that his policies are not what America needs at this time, and, given his ideological bent, I would not vote for Obama if he were white, yellow, red, brown, or a baffling mix of all of the above.

Obama`spolicies are simply wrong for America, regardless of his skin pigmentation!