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Published:November 4th, 2008 11:33 EST
Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney Endorses John McCain:OMG

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Vice President Dick Cheney made a rare campaign appearance yesterday, throwing his support behind GOP presidential candidate John McCain before a reverent crowd of 300 people in his home state.

`John is a man who understands the danger facing America,` Cheney said. `He is a man who has looked into the face of evil and not flinched. He`s a man who`s comfortable with responsibility and has been since he joined the armed forces at the age of 17.`"

Dick Cheney

John McCain`s only chance of winning is to convince the electorate that he is a change agent and a maverick. Throughout the campaign McCain has desperately been trying to distance himself from the hapless Bush administration.

In the waning hours of the campaign Dick Cheney left his bunker to give a public and full-throated endorsement of McCain. Cheney`s endorsement is equivalent to a Mafia don giving the "kiss of death" to a foot soldier who has violated the code of the secret organization.

Cheney is a proud man, and he must be livid at McCain`s frequent criticisms of the Bush administration. This is Cheney`s way of getting even, he knows that the best way to hurt McCain`s chances of winning is by warmly endorsing him.

Rarely does Cheney do anything that makes me happy, but it warms my heart to see Cheney pound the last nail in McCain`s coffin.