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Published:November 6th, 2008 18:39 EST
Sarah Palin Thought Africa Was A Country

Sarah Palin Thought Africa Was A Country

By Robert Paul Reyes

I don`t expect a vice-presidential candidate to be familiar with all the nuances of the Kyoto treaty, but I do hope that he or she will know more about politics and current events than the average elementary school student.

Sarah Palin has all the gravitas of a feather duster, the former beauty queen is blissfully ignorant of the world outside of Alaska. The only time she comes in contact the outside world is when Putin`s head hovers over the governor`s mansion.

Palin proved herself to be an airhead when she flubbed her interviews with Katie Couric and Charles Gibson, but until now we had no idea about the breathtaking extent of her ignorance.

"Cameron, the Fox beat reporter for the Republican presidential ticket, said he had been told by unnamed sources -- and on the condition he not report the details during the campaign -- that Palin could not name all of the countries that are part of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

He did not mention which one (or ones) she whiffed on, but there are only three: Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

Nor, according to Cameron, was Palin aware that Africa is a continent. (Perhaps she was hamstrung by the fact that no part of that land mass can be viewed from her homestate.)"

Palin`s handlers were handed a mission impossible, how could they possibly prep the clueless diva to face the media? No wonder that after the disastrous Couric and Gibson interviews, Palin had sit-downs only with Republican sycophants like San Hannity of Fox News.

John McCain ran one of the dirtiest and most inept presidential campaigns in history. McCain ran an undisciplined campaign that sifted focus every few days, but his most colossal blunder was selecting Palin as his running mate. With that one cynical, reckless, desperate and dangerous act, McCain forever ruined his legacy as a maverick and war hero. McCain put his own selfish ambitions ahead of the interests of his county.

McCain is guilty of treason, he put the security of the United States at risk by choosing a woefully unprepared and unqualified fool to be his VP.

In Japan when an individual commits an unforgivable transgression or a huge mistake he commits Hari Kari. I`m not suggesting that McCain commit ritual suicide, although I wouldn`t shed a tear if he did, but at the very least he should retire from Congress.