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Published:November 8th, 2008 09:59 EST
Barney The White House Dog Bites Reporter

Barney The White House Dog Bites Reporter

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Talk about a biting critique of the press.

It seems President Bush`s dog Barney wasn`t much in the mood for friendly attention during his walk outside the White House on Thursday. So when Reuters reporter Jon Decker reached down to pet the Scottish terrier, the seemingly docile dog snapped at him and bit Decker`s right index finger."

Barney The White House Dog

The Associated Press (AP)

Dog bites man not a story, but when the dog belongs to the President of the United States and the man is a White House correspondent, it`s a big story.

Was the adorable Barney having a bad day, or was he acting on orders from his master? Certainly there is no love lost between the press and the president, and all possibilities must be considered.

It should be noted that Jon Decker is not a reporter for the Bush-friendly Fox News, but an employee of Reuters. The Bush administration has often complained that Reuters and the AP have a liberal bias.

I will give Barney the benefit of the doubt, he`s probably upset that his days in the White House are numbered. Poor little Barney won`t have to put up with pesky reporters much longer.

The reporter is doing just fine, President Bush`s personal physician put a bandage on his finger.

Obama has promised to buy his daughters a puppy. Will turn be a PuppyGate #2 when the Obama doggie bites a Fox reporter?