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Published:November 11th, 2008 11:30 EST
George W. Bush and Barack Obama Warmly Embrace at White House

George W. Bush and Barack Obama Warmly Embrace at White House

By Robert Paul Reyes

During the long and bitter presidential campaign Barack Obama portrayed Bush as an abject failure. Obama won in large part by convincing the electorate that if John McCain won, it would be a third Bush term. Bush stayed out of the race for the most part, but he did have some unflattering words to say about Obama on a few occasions.

U.S. President Bush and first lady Laura Bush welcome president-elect Obama and his wife Michelle Obama to the White House in Washington, on Monday, Nov. 10, 2008. (AP / The Washington Times, Mary F. Calvert)But when President George W. Bush and President-elect Barack Obama met today at the White House, all the animosity of the campaign was left behind and the men warmly greeted each other.

"Barack Obama and President Bush shook hands and took turns to pat each other`s back. Michelle Obama kissed Laura Bush, the First Lady, on the cheek.

Then, from a crowd outside the south portico of the White House, came a noise that has not been heard there often in recent years: cheering.

The 43rd President of the United States and the man who will become the 44th both wore blue ties and dark suits. Shortly before 2pm yesterday, they walked along the colonnade by the rose garden and headed to the Oval Office to talk about pressing policy matters."

Our democracy is still the envy of the world, we are noted for our peaceful and courteous transitions of power. All is fair in love, war and in a general election, but once the voters have spoken the outgoing administration and the incoming one put differences aside and work together for the good of the American public.

Bush may be one of the worst presidents in our history but he is basically a good man and I`m sure that there will be a smooth transition of power.

I wish Bush a peaceful retirement, and I wish Obama a successful tenure as President of the United States.