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Published:December 8th, 2008 10:46 EST
Obama Promises Not To Smoke In White House

Obama Promises Not To Smoke In White House

By Robert Paul Reyes

`There are times where I`ve fallen off the wagon,` the president-elect said when asked in a broadcast interview whether he has kicked the habit.

`I`ve done a terrific job, under the circumstances, of making myself much healthier,` he said. `And I think that you will not see any violations of these rules in the White House,` he said on Sunday`s `Meet the Press` on NBC."

The Associated Press

Directors are reluctant to film scenes that depict a star smoking, because kids tend to copycat the behavior of celebrities. President-elect Barack Obama transcends the realm of politics, he is the brightest star in the world. I`m gratified to learn that he won`t be smoking in the White House, because that would send the wrong signal to young people.

America is entangled in two wars and our economy is in horrible shape -- Obama is going to be under tremendous stress. I know Obama is going to be tempted to backslide; I hope a Secret Service agent will be assigned the task of offering Obama a stick of chewing gum everytime he reaches for a cigarette.

I believe that Obama has the wisdom, patience and determination to solve the economic crisis, and if he can manage that miracle quitting smoking once and for all should be a breeze.