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Published:December 16th, 2008 20:32 EST
Frost/Nixon: Richard Nixon taking responsibility for his actions

Frost/Nixon: Richard Nixon taking responsibility for his actions

By Garrett Godwin

1977 was the year of Saturday Night Fever, Star Wars, as well as the landmark miniseries Roots. Most of all, it was the year that Sir David Frost conducted his historical interview with former U.S. President Richard Nixon, in which the journalist/satirist was given the opportunity to ask Nixon the tough questions on Watergate, ending with his admission of guilt.

The interview lasted 28 hours and when it aired in America in May 1977, it became one of the most watched television events of all time, which led to an award-winning play in 2007, and it is now making its way onto the big screen directed by Ron Howard, Frost/Nixon, featuring Michael Sheen and Frank Langella both reprising their roles from Broadway as Frost and Nixon. The big screen adaptation, now released in limited theatres, has already earned critical praise.

However, its originality can be found on DVD, including an introduction from Frost and a behind the scenes look on how the interview with Nixon came about. Frost/Nixon wasn`t glamorous or being romanticized but rather was a no-holds barred cinematic event, where Frost definitely asked the tough questions.

The interview was a rare opportunity to see someone like Richard Nixon taking responsibility for his actions in realizing that not only has he failed to uphold the oath that of President of The United States but rather he has failed to serve the people and betrayed their trust. This interview showed that Nixon may not be a bad guy or a crook; he was most likely caught between a rock and a hard place.