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Published:December 17th, 2008 13:28 EST
Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez Admires Iraqi Journalist Who Hurled Shoes At Bush

By Robert Paul Reyes

Politicians, pundits and the late night comics have hade a field day with the "shoe hurling incident", and now Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has weighed in with his telling observations.

"President Hugo Chavez said Tuesday that an Iraqi journalist was acting for his country`s people when he tossed his shoes at President George W. Bush.

Hugo Chavez

Chavez said he doesn`t favor throwing shoes at anybody, but that the incident could be called "the shoe toss of a people`s dignity."

`One must remember that Bush has not thrown shoes at the people of Iraq - but bombs, death, destruction,` he said."

The Associated Press

The people of Iraq paid a heavy price for President Bush`s unethical, immoral, illegal and unjustified invasion and occupation of a country that posed no threat to us. Over a hundred thousand Iraqis have been killed during the invasion and in the ensuing chaos, it`s no surprise that Iraqis hate Bush.

In a surprise visit to Iraq, President Bush held a press conference in Baghdad, where he expected to bask in the adulation of the Iraqis.

An Iraqi journalist in the audience couldn`t take Bush`s smug look, and he courageously tossed both of his shoes at the hapless and criminal American commander-in-chief.

I thank President Chavez for his insightful commentary: "One must remember that Bush has not thrown shoes at the people of Iraq -- but bombs." Some Americans are outraged that this brave Iraqi patriot hurled his shoes at Bush, but where was their outrage when our not-so-smart bombs and missiles were raining on the innocent people of Iraq?

The Iraqi hero didn`t have an arsenal of weapons at the ready, and so he threw the only things he had at the hated Bush -- his shoes.

Hugo Chavez has a way with words, truly the Iraqi reporter`s brave deed was "the shoe toss of a people`s dignity." Both President Chavez and the Iraqi shoe tosser have more dignity and class than George. W. Bush.