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Published:January 15th, 2009 16:27 EST
Obama`s Magic Bullet

Obama`s Magic Bullet

By Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)

Monday, Joe Scarbourgh summed up speculation as to how president-elect Obama will keep the 510 promises he made during his campaign by asking, "What is the key?"

The key, Joe, is so obvious it seems to be invisible.  Listen carefully when the new administration speaks of infrastructure and bringing us into the 21st century.  We have passed into the twilight of a new world order where, says Mr. Obama, "Everybody is going to have to have some skin in the game."

In other words, young and old, rich and poor, debtor and creditor will be asked to "sacrifice".  As luck has it for Mr. Obama, the time has arrived in history when sacrifice can be accomplished, monitored and enforced.  It should shock no one to suspect that president-elect Obama is coming through the money.  Electronic funds transfer and point-of-sale transactions coupled with information technology and surveillance make all things possible.  Mr. Obama will keep all promises-- including peace in Jerusalem.   He will prove it is better to prevent crime, terrorism, poverty, ignorance and illness than it is to cure them. 

In the big picture, cash compromises personal and national security. Why is this so difficult to comprehend?  Once cash is removed from the equation, personal security takes an instant turn toward sanity.  Furthermore, isn`t it a total waste to print, protect, process, transport and reconcile currency?  Obviously, if Mr. Obama is to also fulfill his promise of transparency, electronic funds perfectly serve the purpose. 

Once the transfer to electronic banking is in place, property crimes will come to a stand-still.  No transaction will take place without being recorded.  Millions of burglaries will be prevented when pawn shops no longer issue cash for hocked items.  At last, law enforcement will be able to focus their efforts toward the violent among us.  Nonviolent criminals can be easily monitored while living in their own homes-- very much like Bernard Madoff is being confined and monitored today.  The savings would be astonishing. 

Technology also makes universal health care possible, doesn`t it?  It is easy to imagine the leaps that could be taken if doctors, dentists, pharmacist, hospitals and clinics were all using the same entry system along with the same bank.  Waste and fraud could be virtually eliminated. 

The health of the nation is also said to be a matter of national security.  Who can argue with discovering the number of ill people in our midst and providing what is needed?  Wouldn`t it be advantageous to discover communicable disease at the earliest possible moment?  Having the power to identify the source of contamination could save many lives, couldn`t it?  For example, basic health evaluation could reveal the people who suffer with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. 

Furthermore, now that the U.S. government has taken an ownership position with the banks, the switch-over will likely required nothing more than a flip of the switch.  We`ve had a common world currency for years:  MasterCard, VISA and American Express. 

Switching to a card bearing the image of Barack Obama should be a simple matter.  Will In God We Trust survive?  As Inauguration Day approaches, one might reflect on the America we have always known and, perhaps, wave it farewell.   

Watching the world in wonder of Mr. Obama, one might wonder if anyone will object.  It appears to be politically incorrect (possibly dangerous) to disagree or criticize him.  With precious few exceptions, the media is mesmerized with the president-elect.  It remains to be seen if this sentiment survives once he calls for his pound of flesh. 

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