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Published:January 22nd, 2009 16:23 EST
sarah palin

Sarah Palin's Bold Energy Guide

By Robert Paul Reyes

During the 2008 presidential campaign Sarah Palin chanted "drill baby drill" almost as often as she invoked "Joe the Plumber." But Palin is smart enough to know that her campaign slogan represents a myopic approach to solving our energy problems.

sarah palin

I don`t often applaud Palin, but I give her kudos for announcing a bold and comprehensive energy guide for the state of Alaska.

"Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin released `Alaska Energy - A First Step Towards Energy Independence`. The guide sets goals of 50 percent of electricity generation from renewable sources by 2025.

The guide, put together by the Alaska Energy Authority and Energy Coordinator Steve Haagenson, identifies and prioritizes energy project, puts into place legal and government structures to allow projects to go forward, and identifies potential funding sources. The guide does not present a plan for action, but presents options for communities to develop their own renewable resources."

I urge the press to lay off Palin`s interesting persona and complicated family life and give her visionary energy plan some attention.

The price of gas is slowly creeping up again, let`s not wait until it hits 5+ per gallon before we get serious about energy conservation.

The Democratic governors need to get with the damn program, it`s a shame that Republican Gov`s Palin and Schwarzenegger are the ones taking energy conservation the most seriously.